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New Leaf Design

For decades, the Kelly family has been designing, building, and installing custom woodworking projects for our neighbors in Huntsville. Every generation has been equally dedicated to the art of marrying great form with practical function. While every New Leaf Cabinetry job ends with a completely satisfied customer, every job starts with a conversation and a blank sheet of paper. Whether we build or install your dream project, we can still collaborate on the design. Please feel free to lean on our decades of experience and expertise when you're ready to turn over your new leaf. 

Hand-Drawn Project Plans

The big box discount stores and other new-comers to the industry believe hand drawn plans are outdated, old fashioned, and behind the times. This could be because they can't produce a high quality, hand drawn detailed set of plans to the correct scale and with the detail needed to produce great production tickets. But we can. We've been doing it for generations.

Why limit your design to what's available in some software package when we can make something 100% you?

Every New Leaf collaboration starts with a conversation and a blank sheet of paper. 

Let us draw on your ideas! 

Scheduling a meeting with J. Woody Webster is easy. 

Tell us about your project and we'll schedule a consultation!

3D Elevation CG Plans

No matter the size or the scope of your project, our computer generated 3-D project plans bring your ideas to life. Our software delivers a printable, detailed digital rendering of your project providing Woody the chance to really sift through the details and identify potential problems before we go into production. Now because we are New Leaf, you may still see some paper and we may sharpen some pencils, but the end result will be a complete and concise digital version of your project to show your friends, loved ones and project partners. The best part, once you have paid for the design, the drawings are yours for the life of your project. That's the perfect plan if your want a professional design but are on a limited budget. 

New Leaf Cabinetry Huntsville
Custom Cabinet Designer Woody Webster

J. Woody Webster

Co-Founder, Lead Design

When Jason met Dawn Kelly in 1991, she started calling him by his middle name, "Woody". After marrying her in 2000, the Kelly family joined in and now most people call him Woody.


 Spending his childhood on a farm in New Hope, taught him about the value of the details in getting the best result. Later, while studying at Auburn University, he realized his key to success is working from a strong foundation; if you get the foundation right, everything else usually works a little bit better. Today, every project begins the same way, with a strong foundation built through effective communication and each one ends the same way, with a satisfied client. 

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