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NLC's Process

After three generations of designing, building, and installing custom built cabinets and kitchen cabinetry, we've mastered the process of bringing dreams into reality without the burden of ongoing frustration and over whelming stress.  From start to finish, you can expect a collaborative experience based on a high level of professionalism, open + effective communication, detailed planning and superb project management. Client satisfaction is job number one and here's how we do it. 

Our  6 Step Process

1. Home Consultation


After reviewing the project overview form, we schedule an in home consultation to walk thru the space and discuss your needs, goals and ideas. Since we typically look over pictures and jot down notes, it's helpful to review our portfolio and review our styles and finishes to help give us a point of reference to begin to understand the aesthetics, mood, and tone of the project. The home consultation is free for the initial 2 hours.

2. Feasibility + Budget Development

Based on our initial conversation, your ideas, and desires, we'll present an estimated cost of the project and an approximate timeline for completing the project. With over 70 years of working with our neighbors, most home consultations end with an estimated job cost. We understand things can change and often do that's why we love giving our client's the freedom to continue to workshop their ideas and change their plans through the design phase. 

3. Design

One of the benefits of working with New Leaf is your manufacturer can also be your designer. While this is our preferred way to work, we always welcome the opportunity to collaborate with a local designer you may already have a relationship with. Either way, New Leaf has the experience, talent and skill to build whatever it is you want to enhance your home, office or get away. During the design phase, our studio produces a detailed set of drawings (by hand or CG), giving life to your project. Because this part of the process requires intensive labor and relies on our decades of collective experience, we do produce an invoice for this service. 

4. Production Contract + Pre-Construction

Now that the design has been approved and the timeline has been defined, it's time to finalize the budget, define the scope of work and make the commitment to create something beautiful. Typically, we like to walk through the project with our client, double checking the details, discussing how we'll navigate your property with minimal intrusion to your home, protecting your family + Pets from factors like dust, debris, or unnecessary disruptions. Remodeling can be a roller coaster....we have found that we can smooth out the ride by spending a little extra time discussing the project before we start cutting parts. 

 Up next....the FUN part! 

5. Construction

During the construction phase, timing is everything. We aim to eliminate the guessing game by communicating our progress on a regular basis. While preparing your home to receive our products, we work tirelessly to make this transition as seamless as possible. The majority of the progress will be made at our shop and we'll do our best to share our progress as we navigate through any last minute changes or improvements you may have. We always ask our clients how they want us to communicate our progress with them (text, email or call) and we respect your time and attention. 

6. Completion + Installation + Warranty

It is our goal to finish our projects on time or early, but we acknowledge that unexpected items often arise. During installation, we will go over the features and benefits of design and construction including the adjustable hinges, soft close drawer guides, and accessories like lazy susans, spice racks and tilt trays. Once the job has been completed, you are 100% satisfied and the final payment is made, we'll re-visit the project and fully explain our warranty.  

Please note: if we're building custom furniture or producing something "out of the box" for you, we may deviate slightly from this process. Because we provide high end custom products, not everything fits into this formula. 

I'm looking forward to working with you!

- J. Woody Webster

Lead Design, Owner

If you can dream it, we can build it.

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