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To Turn Over A New Leaf
To start over, to act in a different manner or change your attitude about something.
To Turn Over A New Leaf
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New Leaf is more than just the name of our company, it's our team's culture.

In the past, it's been pretty easy for woodworkers to disregard the idea of Sustainability. During our peak in mass production, Kelly Cabinets bought and used over half a million dollars in hardwoods and solvent based finishing supplies per year without any real concern over where it came from, how it was harvested or what affects it might have on our environment. Like every major cabinet company, we used very aggressive wood adhesives, heavy based chemical stains that produced a looming cloud of irritating fumes that constantly lingered in the air. Not anymore.


Today, we're more in tune with conservation and we are very sensitive to the need for ultimate sustainability in our business practices. That is why we strive to be Huntsville's most eco-friendly construction based company. This means, whenever possible, we refuse to use materials that contain harmful formaldehyde glue and we always use low VOC, eco-friendly, water based finishes. Now, we emit very little volatile emissions into the environment. Taking this program beyond our footprint, we also collect all leftover wood dust and wood chips and transport them to a local farm where they are converted into compost, all unused paint products are sent to a recycling facility where the liquids are reclaimed, and all sizable wood scraps are batched and incinerated. 

We take sustainability seriously and we strive to be environmentally friendly in everything we do.

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