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Every Project Deserves Passion

Inspiration can be found anywhere

We've created this gallery in hopes we can help move your dream project forward. If your project involves something super technical, very unique, or highly complex, we're the company for you. Here's a list of our most common services but we've completed very special projects on time and under budget. Our services include: 



For generations, the Kelly family has helped define the classic style of Huntsville and the surrounding area. Today, NLC is helping to reshape what it means to live in our area. Whether we're doing the creative work in studio or collaborating with some of the most fashion forward design teams in our city, New Leaf is on the forefront of redefining the look of Huntsville.


Custom Kitchen Cabinets 

We're known for building and installing highly articulated, super stylish, extremely durable custom kitchen cabinets. Over our more than 70 year history, we have mastered the process of turning your inspiration and ideas into a reality.

We're one of the few one-stop shops capable of gracefully pulling together a beautiful addition to your home.

Hand Built Furniture

The furniture in your home says a lot about you and your personal style. For some, they allow department stores and websites speak to who they are. Our customers are different. New Leaf Furniture is not delivered in a box, it's created and then produced to exact specifications of the design. Whether it's a built-in hutch for your heirloom china or a gaming table for your kids, New Leaf can help you define your style through our custom made furniture program.  

Personalized Vanities


There's no better feeling than entering a space designed and built just for you to enjoy. When New Leaf designs a bathroom, the project starts with you and ends with you. We design + build custom vanities, wood accents, and create unique personalized features that inspire for years to come. 

 Organization Systems 

A few of our favorite projects have been designing + building personal organization systems for our clients. It just feels better to be organized. We design pantries, libraries, closets, garage cabinets, and so much more.

We can help you get organized! 

Accent Pieces

Nothing finishes off a room like a strong accent piece. Whether it's a built-in book shelf, a kitchen table, or a service bar in the breakfast room, we can help you finish off your vision of style and functionality. 


Reface In Place  

Ever wish you could make the kitchen of your dreams out of what you already have? We do that every week for our neighbors. Our Reface In Place is a budget minded, eco-friendly approach to renovation. Allow us to demonstrate the benefits of repainting and adding new doors to upgrade your kitchen without wasting material. 

New Leaf Kids


Family is always first at New Leaf.  Our team works together as one big family. That's why when we have an opportunity to design and build a custom piece for a child in our community, we jump at the chance. 


In the past, we've built everything from a stage in a playroom to bedroom furniture specially designed to ignite the imagination of a child. When you feel the desire to do something special for your children or grandchildren, New Leaf Kids is the best place to start. 

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